Recovery Program for Women in Central Arkansas

Mental Health Services

A mental health assessment performed by a professional will be required upon entering the program, based on this assessment residents can decide whether or not they wish to receive further services.

Physical Health Services

Residents must choose a PCP and routinely undergo a physical examination. If we identify a need for more serious medical attention, our facility will handle the transportation and any after-care procedures. The resident may notify the center of these needs, and we will do our best to ensure they are met. Peer support will be responsible for overseeing and administering any necessary medications however.

Community Service

One Sunday a month, residents will be transported to Healing Waters Ministries to contribute labor for their food bank. These hours can go toward any legal obligation the residents may have. However, our hope is that doing this will foster a servant’s heart and a desire to give back to our communities.

Legal Services

The center will transport residents to all court dates or parole/probation/drug court/DHS appointments, including supervised visitation with minor children. It is the resident’s responsibility to inform our Peer Support of these appointments 72 hours before the time of the appointment.


Breakfast will be self-serve. Our residents will have different options daily, and meals will be taken in the kitchenette in the communal living quarters.

Meanwhile, lunch and dinner will be served in the dining hall. If requested, a sack breakfast and lunch will be provided on residents’ work days. Residents will be assigned pantry space in their living quarters for personal food purchased with their own money. Buying their work meals is also possible if they prefer. However, food will not be allowed in residents’ private quarters for sanitation reasons.



For the first 120 days in our recovery program, residents will not be allowed the use of personal telephones and instead will be given permission to use public phones on Monday-Friday, between 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Residents are restricted to 30 minutes of personal phone time per day unless otherwise approved by staff.

After 14 days in the program, residents may receive weekly visits from family members. Those rules will be provided by staff and must be strictly adhered to – otherwise, the resident’s visitation privileges may be revoked. Weekly DHS-supervised visits with minor children will never be denied at any time except for extreme circumstances.

Residents may receive weekend passes for home visits after 45 days in the program. These passes will be approved by the Director and must be requested 48 hours before the pass will begin. If a resident violates program terms while on the pass, they will be subject to consequences, including possible removal from the program.

Financial Planning Services

Residents will be given a job upon entering the program. What they earn from these jobs will be used to pay weekly rent of $200, while 30% of each paycheck will be directed to a savings account supervised by our facility. Upon leaving the program, this money will be returned to the resident.

Residents must pay any support payments, fines, or fees out of the remainder of their pay. Upon entering the program, a staff member will discuss their personal budget with each resident, which we will entrust to the residents to manage.

Woman on sofa with woman taking notes.
    By Sandy Swaffer-Cormier
  • 12 Step Road to Recovery
    By Mattie
  • R.A.C (Recover and Conquer)
    By Brandi Simpson
  • Recovery Today the Shepards Way
    By Ada Spain
  • Life Skills
    By Mary Sponer
  • Housekeeping
    By Perfectly Loved Staff

Our Classes include the following: